Slotted Tube
Slotted Tube

In the manufacture of tools for tube slotting, there are four major variables:

1. Slot patterns. Many hundreds, to customer’s requirements.
2. Tube sections. Square, rectangular, flat sided oval, round.
3. Tube sizes. The various sizes for each section.
4. Tube wall thickness. Metric and imperial.

Multiplying the full range of the above variables to meet all our customer’s needs would
require many thousands of tools.

Before we at Tube Slotting Services Limited could design our CNC tube slotting machines, we first had to design
and develop a tooling system with ease of manufacture in mind, whilst trying to anticipate our future production requirements.

With over 30 years Tool making experience at our disposal, our aim was to produce tools robust enough to punch
in excess of two million holes without failure, thus greatly reducing the need for frequent tool replacements. This
was achieved by extensive experimenting with various tool steels and heat treatment processes until the tooling
was perfected.

Today our state-of-the-art Tool Room can produce a complete tool (Punch and Die) in two hours, and part tool
(Die only) in forty-five minutes, with the aid of the latest CNC machine tool technology and heat treatment furnaces

With our indexed Tool storage room containing in excess of 2,500 tools we most probably have the tool for the slot pattern in the tube section you require, but if not, we are only two hours away from production with a new tool.

Remember, there is no charge for tooling.
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