Slotted Tube
Slotted Tube

All slots and holes are punched from the outside, leaving sharp, burr free edges on the tube internal faces.

No pitch error (0.2 mm accuracy non accumulative) on multiple faces giving perfect slot alignment.

Tube slotted to your component length. (50 mm – 4200 mm)

Tube slotted with your specified plain portion top and bottom on your specified pitch.

Slotted tube section range:
25 mm – 100 mm round.
10 mm – 120 mm square, with any size or section shape in between
(Rectangle, Flat sided oval or specially rolled section).

Slot range:
Single Rectangle (Obround), Twin Rectangle (Obround), Square, Round or shape of slot to your design.

Single tie bar holes or slots, on your specified pitch or cluster pitch.

Remember, there is no charge for tooling.
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