Slotted Tube
Slotted Tube

Tube Slotting Services Limited
was established in 1999 by Trevor Smith and Jack Frost.

The Shop Fitting Industry at that time was being supplied by three companies who had a poor track record of supplying expensive slotted tubes on a three week plus delivery and tooling costs well in excess of £1000 per tool.

With a background in design and manufacture of special purpose machinery incorporating pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, tool making and production power press work, we at Tube Slotting Services Limited embarked on the design and manufacture of a special purpose CNC tube slotting machine. The sole purpose of this was to develop a machine which was capable of producing high quality, very close tolerance slotted tubes, in a fraction of the time. This enabled us to provide very competitive prices and a delivery of days if not the same day.

Our tool room was established at the same time. With a background of over 30 years experience in tool making, and using the latest technology, we are able to complete a tool ready for production in 2 hours. This eliminates expensive tool costs, in fact we do not charge for tooling at all. It is all part of the no fuss, no obstacle service we provide.

Today we have eight CNC slotting machines and two specially modified Bewo saws and are able to produce 15,000 metres of premium slotted tube per day.

Technology never stands still and with one eye set firmly on the future, Tube Slotting Services Limited has every intention of remaining progressive.

Why not experience the service and prices we offer, remember, we are the producers in the UK of quality slotted tubes. We are not sales men selling someone else’s product on a maybe delivery basis.
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